Nikki’s Homemade Laundry Powder

I was lucky enough to attend a Thermomix meeting in which a lovely consultant shared with us her recipe for homemade laundry powder.  I read in the Sunday Times “body+soul” section on 22 August 2010 that laundry detergents have “a variety of chemicals” and “ingestion may cause nausea, vomiting, convulsion and coma.  Many people experience chemical sensitivity to dyes and perfumes”.  How fantastic it is to be able to share with you this chemical free and very effective washing powder.  Oh and there is also the added bonus of saving money too 🙂

Nikki’s Homemade Laundry Powder

770 grams Lectric washing soda
3 bars of Velvet soap, roughly chopped
30 ml Bluo
1 tsp lavender oil (or essential oil of choice)

Add Velvet soap bars to TM bowl and process for 30 seconds on speed 9.
Add Lectric washing soda and mix for 30 seconds on speed 9. While mixing, add in Bluo and lavender oil.

General Tips
Add ¼ cup to a 7 kg wash load.
Suitable for front and top loading washing machines.
Bluo can be omitted but is great for white washes.

In addition, the powder is safe for you and the environment and works out a lot cheaper than buying commercial laundry powder.  Both Lectric washing soda and Bluo can be brought from supermarkets in the laundry isle (I have seen both at Woolworths and my local IGA).   The powder can be just popped in the wash with your clothes except in the case of a cold wash in which instance the powder should be dissolved in warm water first.   Please note also that while it is great for most washes, it is not suitable for washing woolens.

Well much has happen since I first posted this…Nikki and I are now group leaders with Thermomix and we both have our own facebook pages.  You can join Nikki and her Thermomix adventures at Thermogirlnikki!/Thermogirl.  In case you haven’t discovered my facebook page you can find me at Thermomix Essentials!/pages/Thermomix-Essentials/138914936156010 Happy washing!!! xx


About Simone's Thermomix Essentials

Thermomix is a life changing kitchen appliance and I truly believe everyone should have one on their kitchen bench. This blog is the place that I store all my recipes, newsletters and Thermomix news to share with all those that have a Thermomix, want a Thermomix or just want a bit more Thermomix information. I hope you enjoy this blog which was put here just for YOU!
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32 Responses to Nikki’s Homemade Laundry Powder

  1. Pascale says:

    Hello Simone,

    came across your recipe and just wonder what “Bluo” might be. Please be so kind to help me as Google was unable to answer my question. The other thing is that in Germany we don’t know “Bluo”.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


  2. Melinda says:

    Hi Simone,

    Can you reccomend which “velvet bars” you would use. I have tried one brand, but it seems once I add the Bluo, or even the lavendar it clumps up and jams my TM. The end result is very clumpy and not a lovely powder like I received in a sample pack. Im guessing its the type of Soap Bar I purchased.

    Also my daughter has Eczema, so anything that you have heard to use for that in making my own laundry powder would be wonderful help.

    • Hi Melinda,
      In relation to the Velvet that I use, I just use the laundry Velvet Pure Soap (dark blue and yellow box). Just check that you are using the washing soda, not the washing crystals. I have never had a problem with the soda but the crystals do give a totally different texture. I use Lectric Washing Soda.
      My daughter also has eczema so I now only use this laundry powder on all her washing, including her sheets. While she still has eczema, I have seen an improvement so I believe the laundry powder has made a difference.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you have any further queries please just let me know.
      Kind regards, Simone xx

  3. Jo Scott says:

    Hello Simone,

    Was googling to find out how to make liquid soap and came across your site. Was wondering if you have 2 bowls or do you use the same bowl for food and laundry powder? Have you tried making liquid soap from bars of soap using the Thermomix?

    • Hi Jo,
      How lovely that you stubbled across my little blog! Welcome 🙂
      I do use the same bowl for the food and the laundry power – the Thermomix bowl is made of surgicial grade stainless steel so as soon it has been cleaned you are all good to go with whatever you are making next!
      I haven’t tried making liquid soap from bars of soap using the Thermomix but I would say that it would be easily done. Let me know if you try it!
      Cheers, Simone x

  4. Michele says:

    Hi Simone,
    I found this recipe on another Thermomix site and have been using it fo over 2 years.Its equal amounts of Velvet soap (biz in themo separate) Bicarb soda,(for stains)) Borax (for whitening/deodorising,is environmentally friendly-Hovex brand has many uses) and the Washing Soda (softening water) found the same with the washing soda crystals jut biz them separately before adding to final mix and biz away
    All found in IGA and Coles. Make a bucket (with lid) load at a time,stores great. In winter sometimes add Eucalyptus oil for sheets/blankets/towels when the family starts sniffleing.
    Thanks for the website its great to se different recipes.

    • Hello Michele,
      Thanks so much for sharing your recipe….will have to try this one! I have all these ingredients in my cupboard too 🙂
      Thank you also for the great tips too!! Love it! I especially love the idea about making a heap and keeping it in a bucket with lid…having four kids I go through a LOT of washing powder and this would save me time remaking it in smaller batches 🙂
      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and for sharing your ideas Michele.
      Have a great day,
      Simone xx

  5. Georgia says:

    Hi Simone,
    Just checking that the velvet bars you use are the 500gm ones? So 1500 gm total?
    Looking forward to giving this a go as my son and husband have eczema too!

  6. Julie Sanders says:

    Hi there, I’d love to try this, would this be environmentally friendly therefor OK for a septic tank?

    • Hi Julie,
      As far as we are aware the washing powder is fine for septic tanks though of course it may pay to do your own research. Nikki uses the washing powder at her beach house that is on septic tanks and she has another friend who lives in a different location in WA who is also on septic tanks and uses the washing powder.
      Happy washing! Simone x

  7. Lynnie says:

    Borax is still being discussed as to the safety of it – I would not use it in my Thermomix. I make very similar but use Sunlight pure soap but would like to find something more natural thats not too expensive… I just put soap into a big container or water (hot is best) and let sit for a few days and it softens then use a cheap woollies stick blender and add washing soda, bluo and I use eucolyptus oil and blend away. Keep in a big container with lid and use about 1/4 to 1/2 cup

  8. Angela says:

    Just a quick question, that beautiful baby smell that some people have on their clothes how do I get it? Is there a certain fragrance? Thanks just about to make the powder for the first time:)

    • Hello Angela,
      Thanks so much for your query. I checked this one out for you and the lovely Nikki responded: – “If it is that johnsons baby shampoo smell that you are after then a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil in your washing powder will do the trick”. Let us know how you go 🙂 Happy washing, Simone x

  9. Kym Straight says:

    Hello, the exact same thing happened to me as someone posted below… As soon as I added the bluo and lavender oil, the velvet soap clumped and stuck to the bottom of my jug and jammed the blades. I followed the instructions exactly and am definately using the exact ingredients listed, same brands and everything! Is it definately at speed 9 that you add the bluo and lavender. I managed to salvage most of the power and have been using it, but any ideas as to why the velvet soap would have melted and clumped to the bottom? Thanks! Kym 🙂

    • Hi Kym, mmm I would love to be able to help you but I can honestly say that in all my time of making my own laundry powder in the Thermomix this has never happened to me. I don’t blitz the soap for very long. I roughly chop my soap before putting in (it breaks up very easily if you use a good knife) and blitz on Speed 9 for about 15 seconds. I then add the washing soda (I use the soda rather than the washing crystals) and while that is mixing through I add Bluo and essence. If you are using all the same ingredients all I can think of was that your bowl was hot from washing or cooking just before making? Otherwise I’m sorry I’m at a loss!!! It would be great if you could try it again as it is fantastic washing powder 🙂

  10. Julie says:

    I’ve just made this for the second time. It washes really well even sweaty stinky men clothes! And so easy to make in the thermomix, thanks for a great recipe.

    • That’s fab Julie! I love this washing powder and its great to know you’ve had success with all loads of washing, even the sweaty stinky men clothing!!! Love knowing what I am washing our family’s clothes in and like you say so easy to make (and a lot cheaper to boot!!). Happy Thermomixing, Simone xx

  11. Hamza says:

    someone told me that caustic soda (NaOH) is also used in the preparation of washing powder,, if it is true so please tell me how to use it in washing powder making process.

    • Sorry Hamza, I have no idea, all I know is I use the washing powder as posted and it works fabulously 🙂

    • Pascale Noll says:

      Bonjour Hamza,

      Effectivement, la poudre à lever (levure chimique) est composée de 95% de bicarbonate de soude. Pour test, dans ton lave-linge, ajoute à ta lessive 1 sachet de levure chimique pour laver, par exemple paire de baskets en tissu blanc et qui est déjà grisé.
      De mes collègues ont testé avec les “doudous” et baskets de leurs enfants. Elles étaient très étonnées du résultat. Depuis, on vient me demander des astuces naturelles pour des résultats positifs avec la protection de l’environnement…

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    • Love this washing powder recipe! My daughter has sensitive skin so it is really important for me to know what goes on her skin. Thanks for sharing on your site…..sorry that I don’t have the reblog option on my site but I didn’t even know that was an option and have absolutely no idea how to get it up!!! One day I’ll sit down and learn some new blogging tricks 🙂 xx

  13. Allison says:

    It clumped up for me too and jammed the blades after I added the bluo..I’m not sure what went wrong, the soap blitzed up beautifully..

    • Hi Allison, I use the Lectric Washing Soda which comes in a white packet with red and green writing on it. I have seen a different washing soda which is not in the powder form this one is in and I believe this one does clump. I also pour my Bluo in with the blades turning so it just mixes in, though the Bluo is a small amount of liquid so I don’t believe it would make a difference if you followed my method or simply just poured it in. I do think it is the washing soda brand but if anybody else has any suggestions I’d love to hear from them! Perhaps you could try the recipe using half the ingredients if it is the soda and see if that works better. This is the laundry powder I always make and I have never had a problem so fingers crossed that your next attempt is successful. Let me know how you go! Cheers, Simone x

  14. G’day and big thanks! I bought all the ingredients yesterday and can’t wait to try, true!
    Re the Bluo..will that stained regular clothes and I do all my clothes in cold water, so how much detergent do I need to dissolve in warm water first for an average size load? Thank you!
    Cheers! Joanne

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