ThermoMat Tips

For those of you that haven’t seen the ThermoMat in action during a Thermomix demonstration, this silicone mat measures 58.5 cm x 38.5 cm and gives your pastry and dough a perfect rise every time.  The ruler measurement on both sides of the Mat means accuracy when baking.

The ThermoMat is of industrial quality and has a smooth surface which means no imprints are left on the food.  Both sides are coated with silicon so it is non slip and there is no need to grease.  The ThermoMat is also reinforced with fine fibreglass making it crack resistant.

As with all things Thermomix, the ThermoMat has several uses.  Not only can you wrap your dough in it to allow it to rise, it is great for measuring your pastry and will also keep your benchtop clean.  You can even bake on it!  The following tips will help keep your ThermoMat in tip-top condition:- 

  • Do not use scrapers or brushes to clean the ThermoMat.  Wash with warm, soapy water using a soft cloth.
  • Never cut the ThermoMat or cut on the ThermoMat.
  • Do not grease the ThermoMat as it doesn’t need it.
  • Never use a cut or ripped ThermoMat as the fibreglass mesh material could migrate into the food.
  • Never cut the ThermoMat or cut on the ThermoMat.
  • Do not fold the ThermoMat to store it, rather store it rolled.
  • Never wash in an automatic dishwasher, as they may harm the ThermoMat.
  • Do not use ThermoMat with a grill, or place directly under a cooking element or directly on the bottom of an oven.
  • The ThermoMat can be used in temperatures from -40˚C to +280˚C.  The high temperature would not normally be reached in the oven, but only if using the ThermoMat for hot sugar work.


The ThermoMat is available for purchase for AUS$60 (plus postage if applicable) or for the discounted price of AUS$40* as host reward in the event of holding additional demonstrations (*contact your consultant for further details).  Orders for a ThermoMat can be done through the Thermomix head office (08 9276 6966), your consultant or contact me on


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6 Responses to ThermoMat Tips

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  3. Melinda says:

    I’m wondering how to bake on it – it looks too big to lie flat on my oven shelf, so can I fold the end?

  4. Amamda says:


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