Thermomix Coconut Rice Salad

Coconut Rice Salad


4 rashers bacon
½ each red and green capsicum
1 stick celery
2 spring onions/shallots
200g fresh or frozen peas and/or corn
Few garlic chives (optional)
5 eggs
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 tin coconut milk / cream
400 g water
1 tbsp TM stock concentrate
200 g soaked and drained brown rice
2 tbsp kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)


  • Wet a piece of baking paper and line Varoma tray.  Set aside.
  • Place bacon, spring onions/shallots, capsicum and celery into TM bowl and chop for 4 seconds on Speed 4.  Place into Varoma dish.  Add peas and corn.
  • Place chives into TM bowl and chop for 2 seconds on Speed 6.
  • Add eggs, salt and pepper and mix together for 6 seconds on Speed 5.
  • Pour egg mixture onto lined Varoma tray.
  • Add coconut milk, water and stock to TM bowl. Place rice into basket and insert into TM bowl. Set Varoma into position and cook for 20-25 minutes at Varoma temperature on Speed 4.
  • Remove Varoma lid and place upside down on bench. Place Varoma dish and tray on top of lid.
  • Slice omelette with spatula and place into Varoma dish.
  • Add cooked rice and kecap manis, toss together and serve immediately.

 From the Healthy Eating with Cyndi O’Meara and Thermomix cooking class.

Cyndi O’Meara is a well known Australian health expert and lifestyle coach who is also a passionate Thermomix ambassador and owner.  For information on Cyndi please see her website


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