Thermomix Celebration Mousse Torte



  • 150 g Oreo Cookies
  • 40 g butter
  • 250 g Milk Chocolate and 50 g Dark Chocolate, broken into pieces
  • 130 g cream
  • 4 eggs (separated)
  • 10 g sachet powdered gelatine with ¼ cup boiling water
  • 140 g caster sugar (made in TM)
  • 1 tsp cream of tartar


  • 100 g Milk or Dark Chocolate, broken into pieces
  • 80 g cream
  • 30 g butter, chopped

Requires overnight refrigeration


  • Line the base of a 20cm springform pan with plastic wrap.  Spray sides of pan with cooking oil and line with baking paper.
  • Place Oreo Cookies into TM bowl and mill for 5 seconds on Speed 7.  Set aside.
  • Add butter to bowl (no need to clean after milling cookies) and melt the butter for 2 minutes at 60˚C on Speed 2.  Add Cookies to bowl and mix with the melted butter for 10 seconds on Speed 5.
  • Press mixture into base of prepared pan and refrigerate while preparing the filing.
  • Place chocolate into the TM bowl (first breaking into squares) and grate for 5 seconds on Speed 7.  Melt chocolate for 3 minutes at 50˚C on Speed 2.  Add cream and stir in for 5 seconds on Speed 4.
  • In a small jug whisk together the gelatine and boiling water until the gelatine dissolves.  Add to the TM bowl and mix for 5 seconds on Speed 4 or until combined. 
  • Thoroughly clean and dry your TM bowl (or use a second bowl!).  Pre-heat the bowl for 30 seconds at 50˚C on Speed 1.  Insert Butterfly and place egg whites and cream of tartar into bowl.  Beat for no more than 4 minutes on Speed 3 with Measuring Cup off.  While beating add the sugar slowly and one spoonful at a time onto rotating Butterfly until completely incorporated.   When egg whites are thick and glossy fold into chocolate mixture until just combined.  Pour over biscuit base and refrigerate overnight until firm.
  • To make the ganache topping, place chocolate into TM bowl and grate for 15 seconds on Speed 8.  Add butter and cream and cook for 2 minutes at 50˚C on Speed 5.  Set aside to cool completely.
  • Pour ganache evenly over the top of the mousse and refrigerate for 2 hours or until ganache is firm.  Unmould cake and place on a serving plate.  Decorate with top with chocolate curls and other goodies to go with whatever your celebratory theme is!



  • As I try to avoid the use of “numbers” in our food, next time I would make some chocolate biscuits to use in place of the Oreo Cookies.  I will also try Agar powder in place of gelatine.
  • I left my chocolate mixture in my TM bowl and used my second bowl to beat the egg whites.  I then incorporated the egg whites with the chocolate mixture by mixing for 5 seconds on Speed 4.
  • I didn’t allow my ganache to cool completely (I obviously didn’t read the instructions properly!) and it was fine.
  • The ganache topping in the magazine uses ¾ cup dark chocolate melts, ½ cup peanut butter and 40 g chopped butter.  You could also make this ganache in your TM by using the same method above. I’m not sure whether the butter is essential to the ganache but I used it in mine as I tend to be a bit of a recipe follower!!
  • This torte is very yummy but very sweet so you just need a small slither to satisfy your chocolate craving!

 Converted from the Celebration Mousse Torte on page 25 of the Coles Autumn Magazine 2011


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  1. Bee Keough says:

    This sounds fantastic!!

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