Thermomix Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice
With the launch of the new Asian Thermomix cookbook –
‘A Taste of Asia: Authentic Chinese Cooking’ – you now have authentic Asian recipes at your fingertips. The delicious recipe below is just a taste of what the new Asian cookbook has to offer. Details of this great book can be below.

Chinese wine, salt, white pepper and sesame oil for rubbing
1 whole chicken (about 1.5–1.7 kg)
4 cloves garlic
1 spring onion/shallot, chopped in half
4 slices ginger, peeled
2 eschalots, peeled
1 tbsp oil
400g rice
Salt to taste
1-1.5 L chicken stock
1-2 pandan leaves (optional)

Mix 1-2 tsp Chinese wine, a little salt and pepper to taste and 1 tsp sesame oil in a small bowl. Rub this all over chicken and inside cavity. Stuff 2 cloves of the garlic, spring onion/shallot and 2 slices of the ginger inside chicken’s cavity and place into Varoma dish on top of a pair of chopsticks to help steam circulation. Set aside.
Place remaining garlic, ginger, eschalots and oil into mixing bowl and sauté for 2 min/Varoma/Reverse/speed 2.
Add rice and sauté for 2 min/100ºC/Reverse/speed 2.
Add about a tsp of salt or to taste. Remove and set aside in basket.
Place 1L of chicken stock into mixing bowl. Set Varoma into position and steam for 25-45 min/Varoma/speed 3 (depending upon size of chicken used).
Top up chicken stock to 1L. Insert basket of rice with pandan leaves . Return Varoma dish to position and cook for 15 min/Varoma/speed 5.
Chop up chicken and serve with rice and Chilli Dip, Ginger Dip (see Asian cookbook) and thick black soy sauce.

General Tips
To make a quick sauce to pour over chopped chicken, mix 3 tsp soy sauce with 2 tbsp hot water, ½ tsp sesame oil and ¼ tsp sugar and mix well.
You can add some vegetables to steam in the last 5-10 minutes of steaming chicken if desired.

The eagerly-awaited ‘A Taste of Asia: Authentic Chinese Cooking’ cookbook is now available.
This fantastic addition to the Thermomix library is full of traditional favourites and local delicacies from China and beyond. The book is perfect for both authentic Asi an cooks and those wanting to experiment with new cuisines.
Thermomix Consultant Chrys Hu has worked hard on helping to ensure every one of the recipes in this book are of the highest standard and are true to traditional Chinese recipes. Whether you’re looking for childhood favourites or new standout dishes, this book is sure to impress.
Price: $30 plus postage and handling
Contact: Your consultant or Head Office on 1800 004 838 or email

From Thermomix Customer Update Newsletter – 23 May 2011



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