Thermomix Hints and Tips

When I decided I would like a blog to share ideas, information and recipes with both my customers and other people interested in Thermomix, it was my intention to put together a list of Thermomix hints and tips.  Unfortunately it has taken me until now to actually put this list on the blog.  I was planning on just adding to a word document whenever I thought of something and when the list was substantial enough I would post the list.  However, always being short of time, I never actually typed out the conceived list so I have decided just to post what I have and to add to the blog as I think of things so forgive me if it’s a bit ad hoc!  PLEASE feel free to add your favourite hint or tip 🙂

Thermomix Essentials’ Hints and Tips


On and Off Button

The Thermomix will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of being inactive.  You can turn your Thermomix by pressing the “on” button located next to the temperature buttons.  To switch off your Thermomix, hold down the “on” button for several seconds – you will see the words “OFF” come up on the screen.


Place enough warm water in the Thermomix bowl to at least cover the top of the blades.  Turn Thermomix to Speed 6-8 for 10 seconds, during which time press the “Turbo” button once or twice to allow water to hit the top of the lid.  Press the “Reverse” button and let the machine continue to run for a further 10 seconds at the same speed and again press the Turbo.  Turn dial to Open Lid Position and disregard water.  You should then just need to give the bowl a quick wipe down.  I find the Thermomix brush (available through Thermomix head office or your consultant) fantastic for removing any remaining food items.

From time to time you may like to give your bowl a more thorough clean to make it sparkle.  I do this by putting about half a cup of white vinegar in the bowl and then covering it with bi carb.  I then top up the water until there is approximately 750 grams of liquid in the bowl and then heat at Varoma temperature on Speed 4 for 10 minutes.  You can also add the juice of half a lemon the liquid to give the bowl (and your kitchen) a beautiful fresh smell.

You may also wish to fill your machine with enough water to cover the blades and place ½ lemon inside the bowl.  Blend for several seconds by going from Speed 1 up to Speed 10 and then doing the same in Reverse.

Some foodstuffs such as curry and carrots may cause staining and it is suggested that you clean these from your machine as quickly as possible.  Any residual staining will disappear over time.

For any lingering food smells, make a paste of bi carb and water and place on the lid to remove any odour. To greatly reduce any food odours being retained, store the lid in the unlocked position with the measuring cup tilted to allow for air to escape.  Another alternative is to hang the lid from the Thermomix bowl so the bowl is completely uncovered.

To clean in the gap in the Thermomix where the lid fits in, use the edge of a cloth and move the damp cloth back and forth between the gap.

Wipe down the bottom of your machine with a damp cloth, paying particular attention to the scale pads.

The bowl is dishwasher safe but it is recommended that you do not place the bowl in the dishwasher on a daily basis.


How fantastic are the in-built scales?!  To test whether your scales are working accurately, weigh your measuring cup.  Your measuring cup should weigh between 25-30 grams.  If you have any troubles with your scales, wipe the feet of the machine with a damp cloth and reset the scales. Also ensure that the cord of the Thermomix is fully extended and nothing is leaning against the machine.  Your Thermomix must also be on a solid surface to weigh.

The scales do not require the Thermomix bowl to be in place to work and you do not have to weigh food inside the bowl. For example when I weigh rice I place my simmering basket on top of the lid, press my scales and then weigh my rice in.

You can interrupt your cooking to use the scales (just turn the dial to the closed lid position, press the scale button, weigh and then turn the dial to whatever speed you were on – the Thermomix will remember the time and temperature and continue cooking).

If your scales have “lines” instead of “zeros” on the display, you have gone into a “negative” weight.  Simply repress the scale button to reset.


Press the “-“ and “+” button together to clear the timer.

Press the “-“ button to set the timer to one minute (the “+” will increase the timer by second increments until it reaches one minute) and then press the “+” button to increase the timer by 30 seconds up to 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes the timer will increase by 1 minute increments.

You can hold down the “-“ button rather than continually press for each increment.


You need the timer set for your Thermomix to heat.  The “TTS” rule is a good one to remember – Time, Temperature and Speed.  Set your time, press your temperature button and turn the speed dial – its as easy as 1, 2, 3!


The kneading button is also known as “interval speed” and is the button with the wheat symbol next to it.

To knead your bowl cannot be hotter than 37˚C and the speed dial must be in the “closed lid” position.

Please stay with your machine during the kneading phase as the ball of dough inside the bowl may cause the machine to do a Thermomix dance and you don’t want your machine to dance off your bench!

To remove the dough from inside your bowl quickly and easily, tip the bowl upside down over a ThermoMat or similar and wiggle the bottom of the blades.  If some dough remains around the blades, replace bowl back into the machine, put in closed lid position and hit the turbo button which will force the dough on the blades to the side of the bowl making it easy to remove with your Thermomix spatula.

Closed Lid – Turbo

While you probably think of making chunky dips using the “Closed Lid” and “Turbo” button, it is also a great method of getting every last bit of food from your Thermomix bowl as the high speed will flick any residue from the blades onto the side of the bowl, making it easy to remove with the spatula.  This method also works for that last bit of dough caught around the blades.

You should also use this method when you require a dry bowl (necessary for when you wish to mill ingredients or for beating egg whites).  Any water residue on the blade will also be flicked to the side of the bowl, making it easy to dry with a tea-towel.

The “turbo” button will not immediately reach full speed when the bowl is hot as a safety measure – it will gradually increase to the required speed.

Care of your Bowl

Please try to ensure that you do not “tap” implements (such as your spatula) on the side of your bowl – I know this is a hard habit to break but it will look after the side of your bowl!  Also do not crack eggs on the side of your bowl as you don’t want the egg to cook onto the bowl.

Removing your Lid

The speed dial must be in the “open lid” position.  I then place my measuring cup upside down on my bench and place the lid upside on top of the measuring cup to keep my bench as mess free as possible.

If you have been using your bowl for cooking, make sure you lift the lid away from you to allow steam to escape.

Reverse Button

Press the reverse button when you wish to stir your ingredients in your Thermomix bowl, rather than chop.  You will be able to tell you are in the reverse position as the symbol will appear on the electronic display (an arrow showing the anti-clockwise direction).

Pureeing Hot Food

Puree hot food by slowly increasing the speed to Speed 9-10.  I also lift my measuring cup slightly while increasing the speed to allow steam to escape.  The Thermomix does have a reluctance motor which adjusts the higher speeds automatically when it sensors hot food inside the bowl.


Where possible, only use the spatula in a clock-wise position to avoid any nicks from the sharp blades.

The Thermomix spatula should be the only instrument that is placed through the hole in the lid of the Thermomix bowl as the shield on the spatula will prevent the spatula from being “eaten” by the blades.

Use your spatula for a variety of purposes – I love my spatula and keep thinking I should post a blog called “101 uses for your spatula”!!  It is great for cutting a block of cream cheese in half, cutting dough on your ThermoMat and scraping food towards the blade in the bowl.  Try to think of creative uses for your spatula as this will help save you on extra washing up by unnecessarily using knives, etc.

Simmering Basket

Removing the simmering basket from the Thermomix bowl is done easily by placing the hook of the spatula into the notch of the simmering basket.  Then simply lift the basket up and out of the bowl.

The basket can also be used in place of the Measuring Cup in the case of reducing liquid.


Do not use the butterfly in any speed over Speed 4 otherwise it may get “eaten” by the blades!  If using your measuring cup when you are using the butterfly, it must be placed upside down.


Your Thermomix is made to be used several times a day so keep your machine on your kitchen bench!  When not in use, I store my measuring cup in an inverted position to allow air to circulate through the bowl and I keep the lid resting on top of the bowl (not closed).  I also place my spatula through the handles of the machine so it doesn’t get lost in my kitchen drawer!

Using your Thermomix with a Generator

The most important thing when using a generator for your Thermomix is to ensure it has powerful enough to easily provide 1500W of power.  Your generator should be a pure signwave generator with an inverter.


Never force anything on your Thermomix – if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t!!

If you cannot turn the speed dial on – check that the lid is properly in place.  Sometimes the lid must be turned on even past the “beep”.

If you cannot take off the lid – ensure the speed dial is set to the “closed lid position”.

Scales not working properly – wipe the feet of the machine and ensure cord fully extended with Thermomix placed on a clean, level surface.

Cannot knead – make sure you are in closed lid position and that the bowl is not hot.

Machine doesn’t heat – make sure you have set the temperature; the machine will not heat without a temperature being set.

Turbo doesn’t work – ensure the dial is in either the Closed Lid position or at a speed greater than 4.  As a safety feature you cannot automatically turbo when the bowl is hot, instead speed will be brought up gradually.

“LOAd” appears on your display – you have overloaded the machine by placing over 2 litres inside it.  Simply turn off the machine, remove the bowl and reduce the quality in the bowl. Wait approximately 5 minutes and then replace the bowl and turn on the machine.

Condensation in machine – wipe down with a dry tea-towel and wait 5-10 minutes if necessary.

Never put your Thermomix bowl in place unless the blades are also in place.

If you accidently place liquid in the Thermomix bowl without the lids being in place (see note above!!) gently tip the machine on its back to allow the liquid to drain out of the machine.  Do not use the machine until it is completely dry.


About Simone's Thermomix Essentials

Thermomix is a life changing kitchen appliance and I truly believe everyone should have one on their kitchen bench. This blog is the place that I store all my recipes, newsletters and Thermomix news to share with all those that have a Thermomix, want a Thermomix or just want a bit more Thermomix information. I hope you enjoy this blog which was put here just for YOU!
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37 Responses to Thermomix Hints and Tips

  1. Lynne says:

    What a great resource Simone….Many thanks for all the research and effort you have put into this….along with caring for your beautiful family!!!!

  2. sue low says:

    Thanks so much for all the write outs and tips, they are just fantastic!

  3. kristy says:

    Great tips, I found out another one today.
    If liquid is dripping or running down the outside of your bowl from your lid, just check you put your O-ring seal back in after washing up!

    • Ha, great tip Kristy 🙂 Yes, that seal will make all the difference!! I actually don’t take my seal out everytime I wash the lid as I was told that it can stretch the seal….not sure if there is any truth in that (I remember being told that early on – I wasn’t a consultant at that stage) but it is something that has stuck with me. Thanks so much for sharing Kristy – if you think of any more I’d love to hear them! x

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  5. Elke says:

    Thanks for your tips Simone. I have just bought my Thermomix as a time poor Mum of 2 teenage daughters look forward in making more inspiring meals!

    • Huge congratulations on the purchase of your Thermomix Elke! Time poor and needing inspiration…the Thermomix fits the bill perfectly 🙂 Enjoy!! If you get a chance I’d love it if you’d share your Thermomix journey with us either through this blog or my Facebook page “Thermomix Essentials”. Happy cooking Elke….you are going to have so much fun!! xx

  6. Sharon says:

    Hi Simone great page. Just thought you may want to clarify a couple of entries in the “cleaning” section which refer to high speed use whilst on Reverse….as reverse shouldnt be used over Speed 6.

  7. Donna says:

    Hi Simone, thanks for all the wonderful tips. Perhaps this is a ‘silly question’, but it’s one I occasionally wonder about. Regarding the measuring cup – should the MC should always be in place on the lid, unless the recipe specifically states otherwise?

    • Hello Donna,
      Thanks so much for your comments and your enquiry – its not a silly question at all and I’m sure there are a lot of people who wonder the same thing! Yes, the MC should always be in place on the lid unles the recipe states otherwise (e.g. you would have the lid off when whipping egg whites). You may replace the MC with the simmering basket – this is especially handy for a sauce that “spits” or for sauces you want to reduce (e.g. jams, spag bol, etc). Happy cooking!
      Simone x

  8. Amanda says:

    Great Tips Page Simone! I am going to share some of them at our Cooking Class tonight : ) (and I’ll send them to your blog)
    Just to let you know that I did check the TM31 User Manual regarding the Reverse setting – and it said that it could be used at any speed.
    (Not that you would use reverse at a high speed with food in the bowl – but for cleaning I sometimes hit reverse in a speed higher than 6.)

  9. Hello Amanda 🙂
    Ah, so pleased you like my tips page….there is just so much info that I like passing on that I thought it might be easier to have all my little tips in the one spot 🙂
    Thank you for going to the trouble to confirm that you can use the Reverse button at any speed. This is correct and I did get this confirmed by the head engineer of Thermomix when he was over last year (so fantastic – he got me all excited about the technical side of the Thermomix). You can of course do this as this is one of the brilliant advantages of the maintenance-free reluctance motor which works on a magnetic field….see I told you I was excited about the technical side now!! I will update that section and go back to what I original had (!!) – it has been a time factor that I haven’t updated but you have motivated me!!
    Have a fantastic cooking class tonight Amanda – what area is your class in? Feel free to pop any info on my Facebook page “Thermomix Essentials”, I’d love to hear how it all went 🙂
    Hopefully I will see you in Hawaii!!!!
    Simone x

  10. Michelle says:

    Great information on cleaning Simone thanks so much my thermomix is getting very streaky down the bottom of jug feeling like giving it a good scrub with a Steelo have tried vinegar and morning fresh wash any other ideas? My consultant at time of buying said not to put my jug in the dishwasher. Regards mich

    • Hello Mich! Thanks for the kind words. The Thermomix bowl is made from surgical grade stainless steel so it is safe to use any cleaning pad that is safe to use on stainless steel. Please just make sure that the cleaning pad is scratch resistant as you do not want your TM bowl scratched! Your bowl is also safe to pop into the dishwasher…when I use the dishwasher I disassemble the bowl, place the bowl upside down in the bottom of the dishwasher and pop the blades in either the cutlery section or the top of the dishwasher (I don’t put the base in the dishwasher as there is no need). I also put the lid in the top of the dishwasher. I hope this extra info helps and you are staring in amazement at your bowl that is gleaming and looks just like new again!!!! Have a great day, Simone xx

    • Sarah says:

      Was a bit dubious but I tried a little bit of neat bleach swirling around in the bottom of the
      jug just standing on the work surface, jug looked like new! Barely needed to scrub!
      (Didn’t let it get anywhere near the rubber seal on the blade. hope that helps) 🙂

  11. michelle says:

    Simone love your site, any tips on cleaning the thermomix green brush, particlarly after lots of dough bits!!

  12. Michelle Torpy says:

    Hi Simone thanks so much for all the great information I am havining a few problems making meringues onto my third go the meringues are soft like a sponge,mixture seems very runny I will make sure bowl is very clean and dry next time any other ideas? Thanks so much Michelle

    • Hello Michelle,
      So pleased you are enjoying the blog.
      Yes, a dry clean bowl is a must when whipping egg whites. Dani Valent has a great recipe for Pavlova on page 161 of her cookbook In The Mix and she recommends a little heat to the bowl for the perfect egg whites. Dani has another great tip in her cookbook for when the meringues / pav don’t quite turn out as yo would have liked…turn them into Eton Mess lol!!!
      Best of luck with your next lot of meringues x

  13. Thanks for this information Simone, I thought my turbo and knead buttons were “dead”. I just had the dial in the wrong position.

    I have recommended this site in my blog.

  14. Charmaine Dowling says:

    I have not noticed before but us it nirmal for reverse sign to flash on while you are on interval speed ? My dough has been different the last couple of times , I am just making sure my thermomix functions are eorking correctly as I sm doing the dough as I slwasys have !!

    • Hello Charmaine,
      What a great query! Isn’t it funny how we can all of a sudden notice something and it has us questioning whether it has been there all along or just popped up?! You will be pleased to know that the Thermomix does indeed go on the reverse function during the kneading function. You will find a lot of cookbooks refer to the kneading as “interval speed”; the Thermomix goes in interval speeds forwards and in reverse. Some tips for your dough – the water / liquid must be blood temperature; pop the yeast in with the water and then your other ingredients ending with salt last (so the salt doesn’t touch the yeast). Mix together and then knead for at least 1 1/2 minutes. Should be perfect 🙂 Happy baking Charmaine x

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  16. Amy says:

    I have only had my thermomix bowl one day and the bowl already has marks from the spatula when scraping food out. Is this ok or have I damaged some sort of coating?

    • Sorry Amy, I just haven’t had an opportunity to get onto the blog for a while and have just seen your message. I have never heard of the spatula marking the bowl – are you using the Thermomix spatula as that is specifically designed for the bowl and won’t mark or scratch? Have a chat to your consultant and she can run through everything with you and help you out 🙂 Hope you have been having lots of fun Thermomixing up a storm! x

  17. Yummymummy38 says:

    Wondering what happens if after the cooking has been done, the TM is singing but you font turn it off, will it just stop and turn off after 15 mins? Thanks

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