Thermomix Team Recipe of the Month “Corned Beef” and November 2011 Rewards

Well somehow it is now almost the end of November – the end of the year is racing to the finish line way too quickly for my liking 🙂  However I do love all the end of year get together and celebrations!!

Below is the link to this month’s newsletter which has a fantastic recipe for Corned Beef (or Corned Silverside if you prefer!).  It is an easy recipe which will make getting the family dinner organised that much easier.  As an added bonus if you flavour the water with all your favourite herbs and spices or even fruit (orange is a great one), you will be left with a beautiful sauce at the end of it all.

Enjoy x

Newsletter – November 2011

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About Simone's Thermomix Essentials

Thermomix is a life changing kitchen appliance and I truly believe everyone should have one on their kitchen bench. This blog is the place that I store all my recipes, newsletters and Thermomix news to share with all those that have a Thermomix, want a Thermomix or just want a bit more Thermomix information. I hope you enjoy this blog which was put here just for YOU!
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3 Responses to Thermomix Team Recipe of the Month “Corned Beef” and November 2011 Rewards

  1. G’day! I would love to try your Silverside, true!
    Mine is about 1.5 kilos ~3.3 pound too!
    Up to what weight can the Varoma hold? Thank you!
    Cheers! Joanne

    • Hi ya Joanne! Thank you for your email, love that you are going to try our Corned Beef recipe. The corned beef / silverside turns out beautiful and moist in the Varoma and of course you can add whatever flavours suit you to enhance the meat 🙂

      I am of the understanding that the weight of what is being cooked in the Varoma is not such an issue, the main thing is the size of the item and whether it will fit in the Varoma dish while still allowing steam to circulate. As a rough guide the Varoma will hold a medium-sized chicken so hopefully your silverside will fit in as well. Obviously the larger the meat the longer cooking time the silverside will take. I always just follow the directions on the packet in relation to the cooking time.

      I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your silverside!!! Cheers, Simone x

  2. G’day Simone! As a friendly follow up (and it has NOT deterred my PASSION and ENTHUSIASM to try again!), I did make the silverside in the Varoma; same cut of meat I always use. Size was 1.2K (2.2 pounds) It fit with small room to spare! I had a wonderful recipe with cloves, pickled onions, brown sugar, mint etc…came out beautiful and pink. I followed the packet re cooking time and was not done, so allowed an additional 10 minutes as was not done, then an additional 10 minutes and worried would be overdone! The taste and smell were beautiful and had to slice it VERY thinly (which is fine) in order to eat it but it was still a bit chewy/tough.
    Because I am a newbie, did I need to cook it more…any less it would not have been done either….mmmm…Thanks for any experience and help…Cheers! Joanne

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