6 Responses to Thermomix May 2012 Special Promotion Details and Team Newsletter

  1. angela says:

    Hello, could I please have some info on your thermomix cooking classes simone? Is it a basic or more advanced class? Where are they held? Thanks, Angela

    • Good morning Angela 🙂
      Thermomix are held all over Australia and are a “back to Basics” cooking class. The classes are great for new owners or for those who are considering to purchase a Thermomix. We aim to offer inspiration and tips throughout the class and just twist things up a bit for you so you are confident in doing the same at home. From time to time there are also speciality classes such as the Asian Cooking Class and Dani Valent’s cooking class which is absolutely amazing! For information on Thermomix cooking classes held throughout the country please see – http://www.thermomix.com.au/products/cooking-classes.aspx and keep an eye out on Thermomix’s facebook page (Thermomix in Australia). I also try to keep you up to date on my facebook page (Thermomix Essentials).
      Book in Angela, they are great fun and you will come away with knowledge that will enhance your use of your THermomix!
      Have a great weekend, Simone xx

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi there I’d like to buy a thermomix in time to qualify for interest free however I live SOR. Can you please help?..

    • Hello Rebecca,
      Sorry about the few days’ delay in responding, unfortunately my son got appendicitis so I have been getting aquainted with PMH!
      The qualification period for interest free ended on 8 June. Fingers crossed it will be offered again in November/December just in time for Christmas 🙂 However Thermomix do an Easy 3 payment plan which enables you to spread out your payment options over three stages so thats a great alternative. Feel free to email me at simonesthermomix@dodo.com.au if you would like more info.
      Hope you are having a great Sunday, Simone x

  3. Julie Binks says:

    Hi I’m interested in buying a thermomix how do I get one on a payment plan?

    • Hi Julie,
      Congratulations on deciding to purchase a Thermomix! The benefits of having a Thermomix are many and you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time at all 🙂 There are a couple of different payment plans so to get all the correct information you need to speak with a consultant. If you head to Thermomix in Australia (www.thermomix.com.au) the is a contact page which you can complete and they will have a local consultant get in contact with you within 48 hours. You are also welcome to contact me direct if you have any further queries.
      Have a great day, Simone x

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