My favourite cupcake recipe – Thermomix style!

I have had this recipe for years sitting on my computer and I always share it with my customers when they ask me for a Thermomix cupcake recipe.  After another request I realised that I hadn’t actually posted it on this blog….I think I was waiting until I remembered to take a photo before posting!  With my memory that may never happen (!!) so I thought I would post the recipe now so I could share it with everyone and I can always pop a photo on later (or if you make them feel free to share your photos lol!!).  I hope you enjoy these cupcakes as much as we do in this family.  You can of course vary this recipe as much as you want…we often add raspberries and white chocolate…just don’t forgot to press the Reverse button when mixing in your additions!


225 g butter
225 g caster sugar (made in TM)
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
4 eggs (large)
225 g self-raising flour
80 g milk

TM31 Method:

*   Preheat oven to 180.  Arrange cupcake cases on baking trays.

*   Insert butterfly and place butter, sugar and vanilla bean paste in bowl.  Cream together for one minute on speed 4.  (Alternatively you can mix on speed 6 without the butterfly)

Remove butterfly and add eggs through lid one at a time with blades running at speed 3.  Allow egg to mix through for 10 seconds before adding next egg.

*   Add flour and milk into bowl and mix on for 20 seconds on speed 3.

*   Spoon mixture into the prepared cupcake cases.

*  Bake cupcakes in the pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes, or cooked through.  Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

Makes 18 large cupcakes or 24 smaller ones.

Enjoy! xx

Update! Many thanks to Jan from our Thermomix team who sent me in a photo of the cupcakes that she made based on the above recipe.  Jan placed the milk in the recipe with orange juice and had lovely orange flavoured cupcakes.  She also added some orange rind to the icing.  Thanks again Jan!

Please note that this site is not affiliated with nor have the recipes been tested or approved by Vorwerk Thermomix or Thermomix in Australia and New Zealand. We assume no liability in any capacity, including in terms of ingredient quantities used, success of the recipes, damage to your machine or person. Please always be aware of your own machine’s capabilities and observe the safety instructions in the Thermomix instruction manual at all times.


About Simone's Thermomix Essentials

Thermomix is a life changing kitchen appliance and I truly believe everyone should have one on their kitchen bench. This blog is the place that I store all my recipes, newsletters and Thermomix news to share with all those that have a Thermomix, want a Thermomix or just want a bit more Thermomix information. I hope you enjoy this blog which was put here just for YOU!
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24 Responses to My favourite cupcake recipe – Thermomix style!

  1. Sally Luttrell says:

    Hello Simone,
    Could you please specify in recipes whether the oven temperature is for fan forced or conventional. The 20 or so degree differential can be really critical in cakes. I have only just started making cakes and I automatically assumed that temperatures would be for fan forced ovens as they have been standard for well over 20 years, but it seems that it is not so!
    I enjoy your blog. Thankyou.

    • Hello Sally,
      So pleased you enjoy the blog 🙂
      Unfortunately I’m not that much of a cook so I never pay any attention to whether a recipe should be fan-forced or not as I always put my oven on fan-forced automatically!! When I make these cakes I do use fan-forced but I am sure they would work out fine on the conventional temperature 🙂
      Hope you enjoy the cupcakes,
      Simone x

  2. mydearbakes says:

    Great recipe! Would loved to try it out =)

  3. John says:

    Superb recipe!!! Sure to try it out sometime.

  4. Gina says:

    Made these cupcakes today. My two boys have devoured them. Thanks Simone.

  5. Brady says:

    Hi Simone, how would you make these chocolate? Would 30g of cocoa suffice? Thanks.

    • Hi Brady,
      I would be tempted to put in 50 g of cocoa as this mixture makes quite a lot. That said, I am quite fond of chocolate!! Just pop the cocoa in the mixture with the flour and voila, chocolate cupcakes! Hope you enjoy, let us know how you go!
      Cheers, Simone x

  6. Yummy!! I noted it down instantly and am going to make it soon. Kids will go crazy!!

  7. Kaz says:

    Hi, I made these last night and turned out lovely. The family loved them 🙂 Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Kerry Jones says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Worked out well. I don’t usually bake with refined sugar and flour but needed something for my son’s kindy class and I couldn’t use nuts (I use nuts as a base instead of grains usually). I added 30g of cacao and baked at 160 degrees (my oven is hot though) for 20 minutes. Made 24 normal sized cupcakes.

  9. Jeanette Gegg says:

    Ever since owning a thermie I have never found a yummy cupcake recipe. Made this one today and it was a hit with the kids. Thank you so much. I also love your choc slice recipe. 🙂

  10. Kay says:

    I made these for my son’s 5th birthday with Lightening McQueen toppers 🙂
    I had so many people comment on how they were the perfect cupcake. I have sent them all over to your blog. Thank you for sharing the recipe! x

  11. Kirsty says:

    I made these cupcakes yesterday for my daughter’s birthday celebration. By far the best cupcakes I’ve made! I reduced the sugar by 100gm, and added some sweetened strawberry pulp that I had leftover from making jelly. I iced them with edc vanilla buttercream and they were a big hit. I got 12 normal muffin tray sized cupcakes, and 24 mini muffin sized. They had a lovely flat top, perfect for icing. Thanks for a brilliant recipe.. I do have a photo of them if you want one!

    • Oh Kirsty I love this!!! What a brilliant idea to use sweetened strawberry pulp and reduce the sugar!!! Love it 🙂 So pleased the cupcakes were a big hit, these are still a favourite in our house! I would absolutely love a recipe if I’m not too late…sorry for the delay, I have been super busy and not had a chance to get on the blog for a while! Thanks so much for taking the time to share, I really appreciate it x

      • Kirsty says:

        I should have mentioned that I made the strawberry jelly using the recipe on Steph Berg’s blog. I made 5 batches for a party, so was left with quite a lot of pulp that I have been adding to various things, these cupcakes particularly! Also, I froze some of the leftover mini cupcakes (un-iced) and took them out of the freezer the other day and they were perfect still!

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