Thermomix finger food ideas – Desserts

Don’t you just love it when you flick to facebook and a fab post just jumps out and grabs you? This happened to me this afternoon when I saw on ThermoFun’s facebook site the following post:-
‘Cristina is asking: “Hi, I’m catering for my friends wedding, but only doing dessert. It needs to be finger style so already got brownie on my list. What other desserts would you recommend that I can prepare in advance as I have a 5 month old baby so not much free time at once. Thanks in advance.”’

One again Leonie’s Thermofunkies came to the rescue with lots of brilliant ideas for dessert finger foods. Being a little cheeky I shared this on my page and wondered aloud if Leonie might pop the list of suggestions into a document for us all to enjoy and lo and behold she did!!

Here is the fabulous list of Thermomix finger food suggestions for desserts courtesy of Leonie, ThermoFun and the Thermofunkies (hey, sounds like a great name for a band lol!). Enjoy!

Apple Crumble: (in free standing cupcake holders and then topped with custard).
Banana Bread
Banoffee Pies (mini):
Boozy Chocolate Cake: “I Love Chocolate” cookbook – great for small bites.
Cake Pops
Caramel Tarts
Carrot n Walnut Cake:
Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Coconut Pie:
Chocolate Éclairs: mini
Chocolate Mousse:
Chocolate Panna-cotta – in individual cups.
Chocolate Tart:
Chocolate Truffles:
Clinker Rocky Road:
Crème Brûlée: Every Day Cookbook – in Chinese spoons
Criobru Chocolate Crackle Slice:
Easy Chocolate Cake: Every Day Cookbook
Fruit Platter & Coconut Dipping Sauce: Devil of a Cookbook
Jelly or Yoghurt – in little plastic shot glasses
Lemon Custard: Every Day Cookbook – in little cups
Lemon Slice:
Lemon Tart:
Little Lemon Cakes:
Little Thermomix Munchies: (LTM’s) “Lunchbox & afterschool ideas book”
Mars Bar Slice:
Mud Cakes mini
Nut Free Bliss:
Oreo Cookies and Cream Fudge:
Persian Love Cake:

For the complete list of these and more, head to ThermoFun and join the club!

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