Thermomix Ideas for Mayonnaise Flavours

Have you head the fantastic news? The gorgeous Leonie from the Facebook site is counting down the days until her brand new webpage is officially opened! Whoo-hoo!! Many of you will already be familiar with ThermoFun as it is such a popular Facebook page for Thermomix owners all over the world. Plus I am a huge fan and have been lucky enough that Leonie shares with me her fantastic lists that she puts together with the help of her ThermoFunkies! Head along to the to check it out 🙂

While we are waiting for the website to be up and running here is another list for you, the ThermoFun Ideas for Mayonnaise Flavours!

Leonie writes:

On ThermoFun I asked my likers for ideas for different mayonnaise flavours that they enjoy:

There are just so many things that can be added to the Every Day Cookbook (EDC) recipe to vary it:


– a drained tin of mango pieces and some chopped mint after making the EDC mayonnaise (without garlic). “Mangonnaise”!
– anchovy
– chilli oil
– chilli, lime and garlic
– chopped mixed herbs
– Dijon mustard to make Dijonnaise!
– dill to it and serve over smoked salmon
– garlic, whole grain mustard and lime
– gherkin & capers
– honey
– kale – “Kalonnaise”!
– lemon juice for a tangy mayo
– Peri Peri sauce to taste – “Peri-naisse”!
– tomato sauce for a seafood sauce
– Wasabi

For these and more ideas head to ThermoFun and join the club! ThermoFun has lots of fabulous suggestions to help you make the most out of your Thermomix

Have fun experimenting everyone x


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2 Responses to Thermomix Ideas for Mayonnaise Flavours

  1. Angela Fortune says:


    Can you tell me I have a high tea to bake for at school – do you have any Petit Four fabulous recipes that can be done in the thermomix?

    Just thought I’d ask! Even if not Petit Four, something else which can be served in a small portion??

    Kind regards,


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