Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One

Good morning everyone!

I often share with people that one of my favourite things about a Thermomix is that it has so many varied benefits for everyone. My Mum was the one that introduced me to the Thermomix and, although we both have vastly different needs (mum lives with Jessie the dog while I live with hubby, our four kids, a dog and a cat!), the Thermomix is perfect for both of us. Mum often uses her Thermomix in totally different ways to me which I find so exciting.

The other day mum shared with me the fact that she just makes her porridge in a bowl and steams it in the Varoma. You cook your porridge in the Varoma??! Poor Mum couldn’t see why I was excited and thought it wasn’t worth sharing with you all but I was sure many people would love it, I just needed more info – Mum is a creative cook yet I need step by step instructions. After much begging to Mum (I need more info that “you just add a bit of whatever you want”!!!!) I got this fabulous recipe from Mum. Mum was even kind to take step by step pictures for us. Thanks Mum you’re the best!!

photo 5

Mum’s Varoma Porridge for One

Step 1
Boil the kettle and add one litre of the boiled water to the Thermomix bowl. Alternatively you can put 1 litre of water in the Thermomix for 7 minutes, Varoma temperature, Speed 2.

Step 2
In a serving bowl place ¾ cup organic rolled oats with some Chia seeds. Mix together before adding your milk of choice.

photo 1[1] photo 2[1]

With your Varoma sitting on top of your Thermomix bowl and lid, place your serving bowl inside the Varoma dish. Cook your porridge for 7 – 10 minutes on Varoma setting, Speed 2. The cooking time will depend upon how hot/cooked you like your porridge. Cook for 15 minutes if you prefer a creamy porridge consistency.

photo 3[1]

Porridge cooked after 7 minutes

photo 4

Porridge cooked after 10 minutes

Carefully remove your serving bowl from the Varoma and add your choice of accompaniments. Mum adds:

Pumpkin kernels
Hemp seeds
A banana
Several spoons of home made yoghurt

Mum also suggested to use all organic if possible….she says this tip will keep hunger at bay until much later in the day!!

This is the final result:-

photo 5

Mum’s porridge with a special bowl containing homemade yoghurt for Jess the dog. Mum said she had to include the extra bowl as she doesn’t have breakfast by herself lol!!

How quick and easy was that – with no porridge in your Thermomix bowl to have to wash!!! Love it, thanks again Mum! Hope you all are excited about this as I was 🙂

PS: I did push Mum for more specific measurements but I think I was lucky I got the oats measured! She has assured me that no measurements are needed as these are individual portions and you make to your own taste. Any complaints please direct to my mum lol!!

Love you Mum, thanks again xx

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45 Responses to Thermomix Varoma Porridge for One

  1. Jean Perry says:

    Not sure if you get this one I inherited it when I bought those little scrub things. I really don’t think it’s worth all that bother I can put my porridge in a bowl with the the milk in microwave for about 3mins However as I like my porridge creamy I will give it longer cooking time, she mentions that at the end of her recipe.

    Using voice recognition

    WATERBROOK 1/6 Ulonga Avenue Greenwich 2065 Ph. 02 94338001 Mobile 0409955845 jean.perry@


    • If I do make porridge within the Thermomix bowl I always rinse it immediately in cold water, makes cleaning a whole lot easier – though nothing as easy as Mum’s method of making porridge!! Thanks for sharing x

    • Hello Jean, just thought I would also share this email I received from a customer to give you some more ideas on cooking porridge in your Thermomix. It’s also a great option for those who don’t have a microwave. I also have an earlier post about cooking porridge in the Thermomix bowl. So many ways to cook your porridge in the morning lol!! Thanks Lorraine for this email:
      Good morning!

      We love cooking porridge IN the Thermomix but there are two of us.

      Cooks in 11 minutes and if you put cold water in the bowl after cooking it cleans so easily. Much easier to clean than when cooked in a pot on the stove.

      Thanks for the hint for cooking for one.


      Let us know if you end up trying either methods! Wishing you a fab day, Simone x

  2. Gayle Fitzpatrick says:

    Thank you Simone and your lovely mum. I make porridge every morning for two little kids. This will save me cleaning goop out of the blades each day. Thanks for a great blog. Gayle

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Ah thank you for your kind words Gayle! Mum was thinking no one would really be interested so I am going to love sharing this comment with her!!! When you have two little kids you need all the help you can get with saving time lol! So pleased you enjoy the blog xx

    • Sam says:

      Are you going to use two little bowls or one big one? Do you think 3/4 cup will be enough for two kids? Interested in your thoughts as I cook porridge for my 2 chn every morning too, and this way seems so much easier!!

      • Hi Sam. Mum mentioned that the measurements were very variable. In fact, she only put in measurements because I asked her (several times!!). You could do two smaller bowls no problem, just as long as they both fit into the Varoma dish. x

    • PS: Gayle, I forwarded your comment with my Mum as she was worried that the recipe was too simple to share and besides being thrilled that someone enjoyed her recipe, she thought that it was great that you took the time to comment with two little tackers in tow 🙂 Thanks again x

      • Sam says:

        Thanks Simone. I’m soooo excited to try this ! I’ve not got two small bowls so I’m going with one in the morning and I’ll see if the 3/4 cup feeds them both! I super love this idea! Please say thanks to your mum ! (And thanks to you for pushing to get the recipe!!)
        I’m not great without exact measurements, so let’s hope it works for me !

      • Can’t wait to hear how you go Sam! I’m not great without exact measurements either but Mum assures me it doesn’t matter how much you throw in, it all works out!! Hope your children love the recipe x

  3. Christine Guest says:

    Thank you Mum, I love that idea too.

  4. sdesport says:

    Excellent! Love that tip – thank you. Ha ha you gotta love mums, they know so much Sx

    Sam Desport


  5. Bev says:

    This is a great idea. I have been enjoying overnight soaked oats for the summer months with a medley of fruit/nuts/seeds added to the mix, but now the weather is getting chilly I wanted to make a hot version but did not look forward to cleaning the pot as porridge can be a nightmare. This way will solve the problem but I will still soak them overnight as it gives the oats a lovely creamy consistency. Love it!

    • Fabulous idea to soak the oats overnight, thanks for sharing. So pleased that we have providing you with an idea on how to still have your oats during the colder months x

      • Bev says:

        Soaking oats overnight in your milk of choice with a good dollop of Greek yoghurt results in a delicious creamy base for a healthy breakfast. An addition of a spoonful of flaxseeds or chia seeds, or quinoa flakes make it super healthy. I am amazed at how much my general well being has improved since having this breakfast.(I am probably in you mums age group.) looking forward to the hot version.

      • Sounds like a gorgeous breakfast Bev, and a bonus that it is so good for you! Loving the inspiration, thank you x

  6. Joy Jackson says:

    What a great idea, you can put your porridge onto cook, take a shower & come back & brekkie is cooked. 😉

    Joy Jackson


  7. Helen says:

    Thank you Simone for this. I love my porridge even in summer and can’t wait to try this out in my Thermomix.

  8. Marlene Pearson says:

    Thanks very much, Simone.

    Grateful thanks to your mum as well.

    What a clever lady – who would of thought that you could do it that way and NO jug with blades to negotiate xx

    I have started steaming my veges in the rice basket every night – just 15 minutes and they are done to perfection – slow cookers at the bottom and quick cookers on top.

    You can make a sauce if you like with the water in the jug. I usually pour some soup over mine or serve them with butter, olive oil and salt – yumJ

  9. Rachel Rayfield says:

    This has made my day! Thank you to your mum, I owe her one 😉

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. Jen Manion says:

    Thankyou for this Simone.

    I have tried it and have adjusted times etc to suit me and love it.

    One less thing for the microwave



  11. Jen Manion says:

    Hi Simone. I too am a Mum who lives on her own, and need step by step instructions! I love this method, it works for me, and now it means one less thing I use the microwave for. Say thanks to your Mum 🙂

  12. Alana.Tmix says:

    Oh my goodness! Absolutely fantastic. I have often wondered about this and maybe cooking rice in the same way. Why? Because some days I want porridge and the family wants eggs, this way we can all cook breakfast at once while getting dressed, emptying the dishwasher and having showers! Thanks Simone’s mum! !

  13. Yummymummy38 says:

    I had made porridge in TM but if no one else wants any, I’ m too lazy to wash up the TM bowl so I put it in the microwave. I’m using your mum’s tip now as we speak! I will probably need to tweak the cooking times, so longer for more creamy texture, do you think? We like it fine and creamy, so I cut up the rolled oats in TM first. I love oats, but became intolerant ( last year had tummy pains like gallstones😳 until I realised it was the CADA and oats!) This is what I love about blogs and sharing tips, there is always something more to learn;) thanks for sharing and thanks to your mum! Like the tip about cooking eggs simultaneously too…

    • Love that you are making “mum’s” porridge as you type!! Yes, not using the microwave was one of the reasons why I was so excited when mum mentioned how she did her porridge (even though she thought I was slightly crazy for getting so excited and grilling her for more info lol!). Yes, I would just leave it on for longer for a creamier texture….mum assures me the recipe is extremely flexible! What a fabulous idea about milling the oats first – you are right about there always being something to learn!! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you enjoy your easy, messy free porridge 🙂 xx

  14. Kerry says:

    How much milk do you add before cooking?

    • Good morning Kerry! I have tried and tried to have Mum measure the milk out and she just assures me that it is “just as much as you want” – I had enough difficulties in getting her to weigh out the oats lol. Mum assures me it will work out just using the amount of milk that you enjoy having with your oats. Mum if you are reading this – how much milk lol!!!!

      • This may or may not help you Kerry but this was Mum’s response – “I am guessing (I know that must come as a real surprise to you!!!!) I add approx 1-1Ž2 inches of milk of choice above the amount of oats……being mindful the oats absorbs the liquid….you may find you need more…… it will depend on your preference and also the cooking time will need to be adjusted…once again depending on your preference…….”. See why it was so hard to get a “recipe” to begin with LOL!!!!!!

  15. Monika says:

    I don’t own a microwave and even just this morning was looking at the Thermie wondering if I can find a recipe that has a porridge for one!! Yes, I need a step by step recipe too! LOL
    Well, I am super excited to have read this today. Please tell your mum that sometimes its the simplest things that are often the best. 🙂

  16. Lolo says:

    Hi Simone, a big thank you to your mum as well. I now use this method for 2 serves.I cook 2/3 cup of oats in a bowl in the varoma. I soak the oats in the same amount of water overnight, add another 2/3 water and 2/3 milk in the morning. The TM is set up at night with a litre of water, and the varoma in place. In the morning I always get up 10 mins early to put on the coffee machine, so I now add extra liquids, turn on the TM for 30 mins, varoma temperature and speed 2. I give it a good stir and it sits for a few minutes while I add pepitas, sunflowers seeds etc. the porridge bowl I wash out immeadiately using the boiling water in the TM bowl. Very easy, works great with our morning routine and great results.

    • Oh and a big thank you to you Lolo!! What a great idea, thank you for sharing. I absolutely love how this post has hit a spot for so many people. Great hint too in cleaning your porridge bowl out with the boiling water! I think we always need as many tips as possible to assist with the morning routines lol!!! xx

  17. Graeme Wilkins says:

    Thanks a lot… Makes porridge making very easy.. And the clean up too! … All the best.

  18. James says:

    This was my first thermomix recipe (just got machine)! Give your mum a big thank you from me 🙂

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