Carla’s Thermomix scones

When I was visiting one of my gorgeous consultants the other day there in the middle of the kitchen bench top sat a huge plate of scones. I loved the scones and the story that she was trying out a converted recipe from one of her new owners. I asked for the recipe and of course asked if I could share with all of you to enjoy too! Thank you Carla for letting us share this recipe. I also love Lissa’s introduction to the scones so I am sharing this with you too 🙂

One of my lovely customers Carla, has only had her TM a matter of days. She is an inspiration. Not only has she used it to absolute full capacity, she is converting her own recipes already. Clever girl. She has been kind enough to share with me her converted recipe for scones, which she says are the best scones in the world.

The recipe has been converted from an old Masterchef recipe, date and lemon scones, minus the dates and lemon zest.

They are sooooo good. Light and fluffy. Thanks Carla

The original recipe has 1 cup chopped dates and the zested rind of 1 lemon. To do that recipe, I would chop the dates in the TM firstly and set them aside.They would be added in later with the flour. The lemon rind, I would add in strips, to the TM bowl with the sugar.

150g milk
150g cream
450 g S.R flour
1 Egg
20 g raw sugar
Extra milk for brushing
Extra sugar

TM31 Method
1. Pre heat Oven to 190° fan forced. Line a shallow baking tray with gladbake.
2. Place sugar in TM bowl and blitz for 15 seconds on speed 9.
3. Add egg, milk and cream into the TM bowl . Mix for 10 seconds on speed 3.
4. Add flour and mix on speed 5 for 6 seconds. Turn out onto thermomat and cut shapes with the MC.
5. Place onto the tray and brush with milk. If liked, scatter with a little castor sugar.
6. Bake in oven for about 12 minutes.

Enjoy x

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2 Responses to Carla’s Thermomix scones

  1. Emma&Thelma says:

    I have only done lemonade scones before today. I leapt forward & tried this recipe with Thelma. So glad I did. No rocks, only fluffy scone clouds. Delish!

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