Thermomix Candy Eggs

Well its been a wee while since I’ve posted on my little blog so I thought I had better post something amazing to make up for it!! This recipe is courtesy of the gorgeous Charmaine who used to be a team member of ours. She told us that she used to make these with her grandmother. A perfect Easter gift, I hope you enjoy x

Candy eggs


1 heaped teaspoon of gelatine
7 teaspoons of cold water
Approx 400 g pure icing sugar

Candy Eggs

Place gelatine and water into TM bowl and dissolve for 2 mins at 50°C on Speed 2. Check gelatine has dissolved before proceeding to next step.

On Speed 2, slowly add approximately 300 g of icing sugar through the lid, stopping to scrape sides occasionally. When the mixture has reached a thick consistency, set dial to Closed Lid position and kneed for 30 seconds on Interval Speed to ensure ingredients are well mixed.

Sift remaining icing sugar onto your ThermoMat. Tip contents of TM bowl into the icing sugar and knead until the consistency of non sticky playdough. Add a few drops of colours and flavours if you so desire. *

Roll dough out thinly and make a pattern on the top with your spatula, MC or anything that can make a pattern. Place over an egg shape (plastic choc moulds work well) and cut to size. Set aside to dry for a few days.

When dry, fill with treats of your choice (jelly beans/ smarties/mini eggs, whatever your heart desires). Join two halves together with royal icing.

When dry, wrap in cellophane and tie up with ribbons.

1 egg white
250 g pure icing sugar

Insert Butterfly into TM Bowl. Place egg white into clean TM bowl and beat without MC in place for 1 minute on Speed 4.

Scrape down sides and set timer for 2 minutes. Add icing sugar slowly through hole in lid during this 2 minute period.

Place icing in piping bag and use to join your two halves together. Can also pipe names to personalise or Easter messages.

TIPS: You can knead the extra icing sugar and colours (*) with the TM. Kneading by hand has been suggested to allow you to be guided by the feel and texture of the dough. Possible combinations include peppermint with green colouring, strawberry with red colouring, etc.


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