Thermomix Beef Ravioli

Earlier this year my daughter tried some ravioli at school and has been begging for me to make it ever since. I have never made ravioli so a quick google search was in order. This ravioli recipe was the first recipe that I came across that hit the spot so this was used as a rough guide to convert to the Thermomix. The whole family loved this dish…I hope you enjoy it too!




1 kilo diced beef sirloin, semi frozen

1 brown onion, halved
1 large carrot, roughly chopped
1 stalk celery, roughly chopped
2 button mushrooms
30 g unsalted butter
Salt and Pepper
40 g red wine
2 eggs
30 g grated parmesan cheese
40 g bread crumbs


As per EDC or Basic Cookbook


5 large tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
20 g olive oil
Salt and Pepper – optional and to taste
Handful of mixed fresh basil and oregano leaves
Pinch of dried Italian Herbs


Place diced beef in Thermomix and Turbo for 1 second x 4 or until beef minced. Set aside.

Place onion, carrot, celery and mushrooms in TM bowl and chop for 4 seconds on Speed 7.

Add butter and sauté for 8 minutes, 100 degrees, Speed 1 (if you are impatient feel free to sauté for 3 minutes!)

Add beef, salt and pepper.

With MC off, cook for 15 minutes, 100 degrees, Speed 1 or until all juices have evaporated.

Add red wine and, with MC still off, cook for a further 3 minutes, 100 degrees, Speed 1 or until the wine evaporates.

All mixture to cool slightly.
Add eggs, cheese and breadcrumbs to bowl and mix through on Speed 7 for 5 seconds or until mixture is combined.

Place mixture in fridge and cool for at least an hour or overnight.

Make pasta in accordance with cookbook.
Roll pasta into a sheet and then cut sheet into strips as preferred (10 cm is one recommendation)

Fill and cut the ravioli as per preferred method (Better Homes and Garden have an easy picture tutorial if needed).

For the sauce place tomatoes in TM bowl and crush on Speed 5 for 10 seconds.

Set aside.

Add garlic to TM bowl and chop on Speed 7 for 3 seconds.

Add olive oil and sauté for 3 minutes, 100 degrees, Speed 1

Add crushed tomatoes to the bowl together with salt and pepper (if using) and herbs. Replace MC with simmering basket.

Cook for 10 minutes, 100 degrees, Speed 1

Bring a large pot ¾ filled with water to a rolling boil.
Add ravioli and stir occasionally until the ravioli rises to the surface, approximately 4 minutes.
Using a slotted spoon, place ravioli in ThermoServer to keep warm.
Spoon sauce over ravioli and top with extra Parmesan Cheese.

Serve immediately. Hope you enjoy!

About Simone's Thermomix Essentials

Thermomix is a life changing kitchen appliance and I truly believe everyone should have one on their kitchen bench. This blog is the place that I store all my recipes, newsletters and Thermomix news to share with all those that have a Thermomix, want a Thermomix or just want a bit more Thermomix information. I hope you enjoy this blog which was put here just for YOU!
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6 Responses to Thermomix Beef Ravioli

  1. Jennifer says:

    The family loved the ravioli. I should of made 2 batches of pasta dough. Great recipe.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hi, your recipe sounds delicious!
    Does it work if the meat isn’t frozen?
    Also, have you frozen the raviolli when they have been cooked?
    looking forward to trying.

    • Hello Natalie, yes the recipe works fine if the meat isn’t frozen. You will just find that mincing is a little easier with semi frozen meat.
      I haven’t frozen the ravioli personally however I am thinking it would be fine to do so. There is never any left when I make it! Hope you enjoy x

  3. nickywinter says:

    If after the allotted cooking time you still have juices should I just drain them off? I have cooked an extra few minutes but there is still quite a bit of juice

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