Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting Simone’s Thermomix Essentials.  I have set up this blog for all my very gorgeous Thermomix customers so they can have one spot to go to for all their Thermomix needs.  It is also for Thermomix-customers-to-be so they can find out more information about this amazing machine.  Last, but certainly not least, this blog is also for current Thermomix owners who will hopefully find some great tips and recipes.  It is my wish that this site be YOUR site so please feel free to add comments and/or suggestions, include recipes and hints and any other Thermomix related love!  Enjoy xox


31 Responses to About

  1. Lynne says:

    A great site for the ‘newbies’ and not so ‘newby’!

  2. Claire Sliwa says:

    Hi Simone
    We spoke on the phone recently you were helping Chris Guest out with her orders. I was wondering if you would email me your phone number as I’ve misplaced it so I can speak with you about becoming a demonstrator.

  3. Melissa Floreani says:

    I made the lemon tart, having never made a pastry tart before – it is a fantastic recipe, easy and delicious. Thank you! Melissa

  4. Justine says:

    I made your cupcakes using your basic recipe (no additions) and they turned out really well. Lovely and light and fluffy. Kids loved them in their school lunches. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Thermosupergirl - to - be says:

    Wow, what a help this is, Simone! Ordered my Thermi last Thursday and being the control freak/organiser that I am, have been avidly searching the net for hints and tips, favourite recipes and lists of what to buy for the pantry! Your site is such a great resource, thank you for your generosity. Can’t wait until ‘the new addition’ to the family arrives, and we can ‘get Thermomixing’!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Bonnie! What a lovely comment to receive…it means a lot to me as the sole reason I started this blog was to share hints, tips and recipes!! I also love sharing so once your best-friend-to-be arrives please feel free to share any stories, tips or recipes of your own 🙂 Happy Thermomixing and I have no doubt you’ll rock as the Thermosupergirl!!!!! Enjoy xx

      • Thermosupergirl (getting there) says:

        Well, it’s been a week since Thermi arrived! And I’ve been busy learning the ropes – still a long way to go yet, but so far have made: Lemon Custard, Chocolate Custard, Veg Stock, Chocolate Cake, CADA Muffins, Luigi’s 40 second biscuits, Shortbread, my own bircher muesli recipe (adapted!), Ham and Cheese Scrolls, Thai Chicken Curry, Apricot Chicken Risotto, Chilli Con Carne, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Orange/Carrot/Ginger/Apple Juice, Hot Chocolate, my own ‘Up and Go’ (for two – 2 weetbix, 2 scoops of protein powder, 1 banana, 500g skim milk – yum!), Pancakes, Pikelets…and last night….Simone’s lovely cupcake recipe! Kids were very ecstatic with those – put 12 in the oven then added some organic cacao powder and made another 12! 🙂 It’s all going well so far – have only had one disaster – scrambled eggs, but will keep searching for a good recipe!!! Thanks again for your site – so helpful 🙂

      • Wow, you really are a Thermosupergirl!!! You have certainly cooked up a storm in a short period of time….and don’t you just love how easy the Thermomix makes it all?! Mmmm loving the sound of all the amazing things you have made and fab that you are adapting your own recipes. In fact, I’ve just written down your recipe for Up and Go because as bad as I am sure they are for me, I love having one every now and again! So pleased you and the kids enjoyed the cupcakes, I find they are such a nice and easy recipe which you can adapt to make any flavour your (or your kids!) heart desires 🙂 Re scrambled eggs I have a recipe somewhere so I will email it to you. Another alternative though is to steam a few eggs in your Varoma (as yo would an omlette) and then mix up in the bowl for a few seconds at the end. I personally haven’t tried it but customers of mine have and tell me its fab. Keep up your super work and thanks for taking the time to comment. Happy cooking, Simone xx

  6. clarice Feldman says:

    I want to order taste of Asia and I can pay thru paypal or if you have a secured website, online.

  7. Melissa says:

    I made my first batch of protein balls this afternoon! I looked at your list, looked in the pantry and made it up as I went…. Almond meal, whole walnuts, choc protein powder, dates, chia seeds, cranberries and only a little water. I rolled the mix into balls, tossed in sesame seeds and they will be a constant in the fridge for those moments you hear “what is there to eat?” At least I know it’s all good stuff. No butter, no sugar 🙂

    • Fantastic Melissa! Yep, that is the beauty of the protein balls, you can just use up whatever you have on hand! Your version sounds fantastic and like you said, you’ve made them from scratch and you know there is only good stuff in them. Hope everyone enjoys! x

  8. stephanie says:

    I am writing from france and I have a question or two re- yogurt making.
    first of all what is a thermoserver? I have a thermomix but never heard of thermoserver.
    also I always heard it was bad, even dangerous, to put hot stuff into a fridge, as it makes the inside temperature go up and won’t keep the food as well. have you ever had any problems with that?
    thanks a lot for your help

    • Hello Stephanie,
      How lovely you as to have you as part of our readership!
      In relation to your ThermoServer question, this is an exclusive host reward for Thermomix in Australia customers. We are very lucky here, when our customers host a qualifying demo they are entitled to receive a 2.2L stainless steel ThermoServer which keeps food hot or cold for up to two hours.
      Re the yoghurt making, I have asked Leonie about this and she has said that she has never had a problem in this regard. Perhaps because of the bacteria level in yoghurt? Perhaps if you are concerned you can just wait until the yoghurt is at room temperature before placing in the fridge.
      Happy Thermomixing, Simone x

  9. Rosie says:

    Hi Simone, is your email address still the dodo one? (On this page) if not, could you email me? I’m in Perth too and I have a question about purchasing a TMX.

  10. cnicholson40@yahoo.com says:

    Hi simone, love your site. I have only just started using my varoma and have spent the last week experimenting with recipes. Not all of which have been successful. If a recipe says 20 minutes varoma, does the 20 minutes start from when the TMX reaches varmoma temp or from when you start cooking? thanks

    • It is fantastic that you are experimenting more and more with your Thermomix. The Varoma can really assist in so many ways, keep experimenting as it will pay off!!! In recipe from a Thermomix cookbook, if the recipe says 20 minutes at Varoma temperature they are indicating the time you put the Thermomix on; there is no need to wait until the Thermomix has reached the Varoma temperature. For your information, it will take approximately 7 minutes for the Varoma to reach temperature with 1 litre of room temperature water. You can quicken the time it takes to steam ingredients by placing boiling water in the Thermomix bowl. Another tip is make sure that the steam can easily circulate. There are some fabulous Facebook sites with some great Varoma tips. I like Nat’s photo album on FB for a visual which you might find helpful – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.408291142564459.92985.348190035241237&type=3. ThermoFun also have a great list – https://www.facebook.com/thermofun/posts/536117103120741. Don’t forget your consultant is also there to help you every step of the way and we hold regular Cooking with Varoma cooking classes to provide you with even more inspiration. Happy cooking! x

  11. Fabulous stuff Carolyn!!!! Hope you have been cooking up a storm and loving every minute! Feel free to share any particularly fabulous recipes you think we should try!! Happy cooking xx

  12. Bronwyn Wainwright says:

    Looking forward to trying some of these!

  13. Wendy loi says:

    Hi Simone

    I LOOOOVE your recipe on the buttermilk scones but I can’t seem to find it on your sight anymore!!
    Can you tell me where I may be able to find it?? I am devastated as it was so good.
    And thank you for sharing your recipes with us!

    Wendy xx

    • Oh Wendy I am soooo sorry I have missed your comment somewhere along the line!! I actually think the Buttermilk Scone recipe was just the one from the Everyday Cookbook (EDC). These scones are a little sticky but work working with as they taste so good! Happy baking Wendy! x

  14. Bec says:

    Hi Simone,
    I recently launched an online store which specializes in paleo, gluten-free and raw food cooking. My most popular products are recipe bases for raw energy balls and bars. These are perfect for thermo users – the pack is full of dried fruit, nuts and cacao – ready to empty into the thermo and blitz. In minutes you have home made healthy treats in the fridge with no wasted cupboard ingredients. Here is my site, please check it out: paleocupboard.com.au
    Like us on Facebook: Paleo Cupboard AU
    Thank you! Bec

  15. Pallavi says:

    Hi Simone,
    We have 2 new bulk food stores in the Northern Suburbs called the Source Bulk Foods at Floreat Forum and Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson. The Source Bulk Foods brings back personal service and provides a fun and interactive no waste shopping experience. You can choose from an amazing selection of bulk whole foods, health foods and a huge range of paleo, gluten free, organic & vegan products.
    I hope we can help your Thermomix clients with the ingredients.
    Thanks Pallavi
    Like us on Facebook: thesourcebulkfoodsClarkson and thesourcebulkfoodsFloreat

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